Eyelid Lift (Blepharoplasty)

Aesthetic eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, is a facial procedure that rejuvenates the eyelids. A blepharoplasty can tighten loose, droopy skin on the eyelids, shift fatty deposits, and tighten the eyelid to give you a well-rested and youthful appearance.

Minneapolis based Dr. Timothy Schaefer has focused on all aspects of eyelid and cosmetic surgery to give patients like you a rejuvenated look. From his Minneapolis practice, he offers a completely customized blepharoplasty that uses the latest proven technology and techniques for you to achieve a renewed and rejuvenated appearance. More importantly, Dr. Schaefer’s advanced blepharoplasty techniques are performed with a focus on reducing complications, addressing the root causes of drooping eyelids, and creating outcomes that look natural.

Your Eyelid Surgery Consultation

In your consultation for the blepharoplasty, Dr. Schaefer will listen to your expectations and concerns for the blepharoplasty. He will perform a thorough physical examination to examine the structure and quality of your eyelid’s tissues and tell you what he recommends and why.

He will make sure to answer all your questions about blepharoplasty in detail.

Because Dr. Schaefer cares about informing his patients, you will be informed on what to expect. Through his consultation for the blepharoplasty, you will get a better idea of what can and cannot be done, leaving you with reasonable expectations for your results.

He will discuss the process of the eyelid surgery, your unique facial anatomy, and what you can expect leading up to, and during blepharoplasty surgery.

Suitable Candidates for Eyelid Surgery

Good candidates for eyelid surgery include:

  • Healthy individuals with no medical conditions that can impair healing.
  • Non-smokers.
  • Individuals with a positive outlook and realistic goals.
  • Individuals without serious eye conditions.
  • Individuals who have not had recent eye surgery (within the last 6 months) such as LASIK
  • Individuals who do not have chronic dry, itchy, irritated eyes.
  • Individuals with impaired vision due to drooping eyelids.
  • Individuals who are not happy with their tired, aging appearance due to droopy and puffy eyelids.

Dr. Schaefer will evaluate your facial anatomy thoroughly and discuss with you what procedures may be implemented to address your concerns.

What to Expect in A Blepharoplasty Procedure

Your eyelid surgery in Minneapolis will be performed as an outpatient procedure under general anesthesia. The surgery will take up to three hours, depending on the extent of the correction needed. Your eyelid surgery can comprise of an upper blepharoplasty, a lower blepharoplasty, or both.

Upper Eyelid Surgery

For your upper eyelid surgery, Dr. Schaefer will create an incision on the natural folds of the eyelid to hide any scarring in the future. He will then remove excess skin and fat to repair your drooping eyelids.  Your upper eyelid muscle might also be tightened for your blepharoplasty.

You might only notice the excess fat and skin on the upper eyelids; however, Dr. Schaefer strives to address the root causes of drooping on the upper eyelids. Using the techniques like the levator advancement technique, Dr. Schaefer addresses the causes of eyelid ptosis, allowing for a successful treatment and enduring results.  It’s possible that you might also mistake a drooping eyebrow for a drooping eyelid because of the excess skin on the upper eyelid; in that case, Dr. Schaefer will address your eyebrows for an appropriate correction.

Dr. Schaefer’s upper blepharoplasty may augment fat around the eyes, remove excess skin, or reposition the eyelid margin by tightening the muscle that lifts the upper eyelid. By eliminating the sagging skin that distorts the natural contours of your upper eyelids, Dr. Schaefer can help you look more refreshed and reinvigorated. Dr. Schaefer also performs fat augmentation to prevent your eyes from looking hollowed out. Your blepharoplasty procedure can also address puffiness in the upper eyelid that can make you look tired or old.

Lower Eyelid Surgery

If you are suffering from puffy, sagging lower lids, Dr. Schaefer will use different approaches based on your specific issues. In some cases your fat will be repositioned through an incision made inside of the lower eyelid while skin is removed from the outside.  This approach avoids damage to a critical middle layer to preserve a natural eyelid appearance and lowers the risk of complications like lower eyelid malposition.

Your lower eyelid might require some tightening during the blepharoplasty. Dr. Schaefer might also add volume to the cheek with microfat grafting, since it is a common element of most lower eyelid blepharoplasties to smooth the transition between the cheek and the lower eyelid.

Your Recovery

After the blepharoplasty procedure, Dr. Schaefer may lubricate your eyes with ointment and apply a bandage. Your eyelids may feel tight and sore once the anesthesia wears off. Pain and discomfort will be controlled by prescribed pain medication and the application of ice for 20 minutes every 2 hours for the first 72 hours.

You should keep your head elevated for the first few days of recovery. Bruising and swelling will subside gradually with a dramatic reduction within two weeks. Most, if not all bruising and swelling should be gone within six months. Sutures will be removed within a week, and scarring will diminish gradually, becoming more inconspicuous every week. After one year, your incisions should be fully healed and nearly completely hidden.

You can read or watch TV after a couple of days, but you cannot use contacts lens for 2 weeks. You might feel comfortable going out in public after 10 days. By then, you may be able to wear makeup to hide any remaining bruising.

Your results will be subtle but long lasting. You will regain your youthful, natural appearance along with added confidence in your professional and personal lifestyle. Your facial appearance will be rejuvenated.

Your New Look

Dr. Schaefer’s goal for the blepharoplasty is to make your change in appearance subtle to others, but dramatic for you. In short, it will be a rejuvenated version of you without changing your natural look.

Although the aging process continues after a blepharoplasty, there will be less of a chance of regaining the puffiness and excess skin that you used to have. With the blepharoplasty, you will achieve a more youthful, alert, and rested appearance that will last for several years to come.

Eyelid Surgery Cost

Because of your unique face and eyes, Dr. Schaefer customizes his blepharoplasty to fit what is best for you. However, by contacting the offices of Dr. Schaefer, you can get a general idea for what you want to achieve. A consultation will provide an accurate cost and finance options available for your custom blepharoplasty.

So, call 952-920-2600, and make your consultation appointment today.

Blepharoplasty & Eyelid Surgery Minneapolis - Dr. Timothy SchaeferChoosing the Right Plastic Surgeon

The blepharoplasty is an incredibly sophisticated, delicate procedure. When you’re looking for a plastic surgeon for your blepharoplasty, it is vital for your plastic surgeon to have the right qualifications and credentials. These include a board certification and a good standing with the various medical boards. It also includes education, experience, and satisfied patients.

A professional, friendly and caring support staff is essential for any elite practice. These will be the people to lean on during your recovery so make sure you are comfortable with the entire team.

It is important to do your research and learn as much as possible about your surgeon. Go to your blepharoplasty consultation prepared with your questions, concerns and ultimate goals written down.

Why Dr. Schaefer?

Dr. Timothy Schaefer graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.S. in Engineering from the University of Notre Dame and an M.S. in Engineering from Stanford University. He completed his medical school education at the prestigious Emory University in Atlanta, where he graduated in the top 5 of his class.  He also completed his general surgery training and plastic and reconstructive surgery fellowship at Emory University. Dr. Schaefer has expanded on his training to find the methods that improve the safety and aesthetic results of traditional blepharoplasty techniques; he customizes his approach to create natural, balanced results.

Dr. Schaefer utilizes the latest and most advanced blepharoplasty techniques and state-of-the-art equipment right here in Minneapolis. By doing so, he can assure his local and out of town patients that they are receiving the safest and most predictable results.

Based in Minneapolis, and a board-certified plastic surgeon with the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Schaefer has been honored as a BEST DOCTOR and BEST DOCTOR FOR WOMEN by the Minnesota Monthly Magazine. He was named a TOP DOCTOR FOR PLASTIC SURGERY by the Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine.

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